How to Host an Around the World Wine Tasting

Hosting an around the world wine tasting is a fun way to explore the world of wine in your own home.

Blank passport books Passport stamps Instant print camera Wine glasses Wine pourers Wine charms Wine bags Ice buckets Spittoon/dump bucket Prizes Themed decorations

Supplies You'll Need

Buy classic examples of wines from throughout the world and conceal in blind tasting bags.

Travel-themed decorations and music help set the mood. And wine charms avoid wine glass mix-ups.

Country-themed skewers are a fun way to pair with the wines. Or have guests bring an international dish.

Set up a passport station for guests to snap a photo and fill in their name. Don't forget to offer a welcome drink!

Have guests visit wine stations and stamp their passport with the country they think the wine is from.

Collect the passports, tally the scores, and give prizes to those who guessed the most wines correctly.

Send guests home with a souvenir to remember their journey, like wine stoppers or a small travel accessory.

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Free Wine Tasting Planner

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