Best Restaurants Chania, Crete

If you’ve been to Greece (or even a good Greek restaurant), you know they know their food. And Chania restaurants on the island of Crete are no exception.

From juicy, ripe tomatoes adorned with blocks of creamy feta, to pillowy tzatziki sauce accompanied by crunchy bread, and tender lamb that melts in your mouth.

The meal is served on their outdoor terrace, surrounded by blooming flowers, a canopy of grape vines, and twinkling lights. I mean, you can’t get much more romantic than this.

Manousakis Wine Dinner

The menu includes dishes from throughout Crete and Greece. Highlights include foie gras with pickled beetroot and poached pear, beef carpaccio, lamb tenderloin, Black Angus ribeye, and seabass filet.

Oinóa Wine Restaurant

The wine list is impressive, with a good selection of local and  non-local options. And their secluded courtyard is a breath of fresh air from the busy surrounding streets.

Kritamon Wine Restaurant

The menu is meze style, meaning small (ish) plates to share — although let me remind you that no plates are small in Greece. We probably overordered, but there were too many things that looked good.

The Five Restaurant

The menu has a great selection of Greek wines organized by flavor profile. Snag a waterfront table and order a glass for unbeatable views of the harbor.

La Bodega Chania Wine Bar

With so many options to choose from, you could spend your day at Pallas Philocaly. Have your coffee and one of their decadent pastries in the morning. Then pop back later for all your charcuterie and wine needs.

Pallas Philocaly

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