How to Make a DIY Wine Gift Basket

A DIY wine gift basket is a fun and easy way to give the wine lover in your life a personalized wine gift.

Go with something you know they like, or a unique bottle they'd enjoy trying.

1. Choose the Wines

Choose a festive one or go more neutral so they can use it year-round.

2. Select a Basket

Pick up snacks and small wine or food accessories to go with the wines.

3. Get Filler Items

Cheese Cured Meats Crackers Nuts Jam or Honey Small Charcuterie Board Set of Cheese Knives Holiday Wine Charms Wine Stoppers Personalized Wine Opener

What to Put in a Wine Gift Basket

Arrange items in a visually pleasing way. Place smaller items in the front.

4. Fill the Basket

Greenery, colorful ornaments, or other holiday items add a fun touch.

5. Add Accents

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Free Wine Tasting Planner

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