How to Host a Paint and Sip at Home

Hosting a paint and sip night at home is a fun date night idea. Or it's a creative activity for girls night.

To start, you''ll need supplies like acrylic paint, brushes, canvases, aprons, and easels.

Choose a painting tutorial video that fits your group's skill level. Swipe up for some great options in the full guide.

Next, decide on the wines. You could match your painting theme (e.g., Champagne with a Parisian scene).

Or go seasonal by selecting wines that match the time of year. Like rosé from around the world for summer.

Or how about a blind wine tasting? Use numbered bags to conceal the wines and reveal at the end.

Don't forget to award prizes for the best painting or most creative. And share on social media!

Swipe up to get all the details on how to host your own paint and sip at home.

Free Wine Tasting Planner

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