Spanish White Wine

From the lively Albariños of Rías Baixas to the zesty Verdejos of Rueda, Spain has a white wine scene that you don’t want to miss.

They’re perfect for lounging on a sunny terrace, indulging in a seafood feast, or simply celebrating the fact that you made it through another Monday.

This popular Spanish white wine hails from Galicia in Northwestern Spain. It dominates the Rías Baixas region with more than 90% of vine plantings.


In your glass, get ready for a  light-bodied stunner bursting with zesty citrus notes. Sip on the tangy trio of lime, lemon, and grapefruit, with hints of green flavors like fennel and grass playing along.


This dry white wine will typically have medium acidity with juicy melon, lime, and herbal notes. You may even get a hint of hazelnut.


Garnacha Blanca makes a  full-bodied, intense wine. And it packs a powerful punch, with alcohol levels reaching as high as 15%.

Garnacha Blanca

Godello’s full body is brimming with lively acidity. You’ll find vibrant flavors of fresh apple, zesty lemon, tangy grapefruit, and a touch of minerality.


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