The Best Tour for Bordeaux Wine Tasting

If you’re a wine lover visiting France, wine tasting in the region of Bordeaux is one of the best day trips to take.

Navigating the region is not as easy as touring U.S. wine regions. So, I recommend taking a tour that provides transportation and access to some top châteaux.

Bordeaux is France’s largest wine region. How large? Well, we’re talking an average of 54 million cases of wine per year.

Bordeaux Wine Region

This region is mainly known for red wine blends. The left bank is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon.  And on the right bank, you'll find Merlot-based wines with some Cabernet Franc.

Bordeaux Wines

I liked this small group tour so we got a more personalized experience. It was also longer than other half-day Bordeaux wine tours and included some food pairings.

Bordeaux Wineries Tour

Their premier wine is a cru bourgeois, part of an official selection chosen by blind tasting annually. The blend is heavier on the Merlot than the Cabernet Sauvignon, bringing in some more red fruit flavors.

Chateau Malescasse

We sampled two of Cantenac Brown’s wines. The Grand Cru is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It was earthy, with notes of blackberry, blackcurrent, and leather. It is definitely an age-worthy wine.

Chateau Cantenac Brown

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