Stunning Regions for Your Next  Wine Tasting Trip

Are you dreaming of your next wine tasting trip but not sure where to go? Get inspired with these stunning wine country destinations. And take a quick quiz to find your perfect match!

This famous region is best known for red wine and gorgeous chateaux. Plus, it has a museum known as the Guggenheim of wine.

Bordeaux, France

This region is famous for port, a dessert wine. But you'll also find plenty of dry, non-fortified wines and some of the most breathtaking views.

Douro Valley, Portugal

If you love bold red wines, check out this Sonoma County AVA in the U.S. Zinfandel is the specialty at the region's many family-owned wineries.

Dry Creek Valley, CA

Explore more than 150 wineries in this stunning and very affordable region. Plus, the food is incredible. And you can go on a safari.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Sparkling wine lovers, this one's for you. Take a scenic train ride out of the city to explore more than 80 Cava wineries making delicious bubbly.

Barcelona, Spain

This U.S. wine region is home to nearly 50 wineries. Plus, you can enjoy quaint seaside towns, beautiful beaches, and buttery lobster rolls.

Long Island, NY

If you're a white wine lover, this famous island is know for crisp whites made from the Assyrtiko grape. You can even visit a wine museum in a cave.

Santorini, Greece

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