Winery Getaways:  5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Region

Winery getaways are a great way to relax and enjoy delicious wine and food. Follow these five tips for choosing your ideal wine region. And take a quick quiz to find your perfect match!

Think about the type of wine you like to drink. Is it elegant or bold? Earthy or fruity? Still or sparkling? Choose a region that specializes in those wines.

1. Style of Wine

Besides wine tasting, what else do you want to do on your trip? Whether you like the beach, hiking, art, or history, there's a wine region for you.

2. Activities

Are you looking for romantic winery getaways? Do you prefer traveling solo or in a group? Make sure your destination fits your trip style.

3. Trip Style

What's wine without food? You'll enjoy your wine getaway more if your food preferences match the region's culinary specialties.

4. Food Preferences

If you're looking for warmer weather and vineyard views, don't forget: growing seasons are opposite in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres.

5. Time of Year

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