The Best Spanish White Wine for Summer

Spain is the hidden gem of white wines. They're affordable, food friendly, and perfect for summer!

If you like: Chenin Blanc Try: Albariño Region: Rías Baixas Food Pairings: Raw fish, shellfish, soft cheeses, herbs

If you like: Sauvignon Blanc Try: Verdejo Region: Rueda Food Pairings: Chicken, fried fish, salads, fresh cheese

If you like: Chardonnay Try: Viura Region: Rioja Food Pairings: Roasted chicken, grilled fish, paella

If you like: Chardonnay Try: Garnacha Blanca Region: Navarra Food Pairings: Spiced lamb, garlic chicken, nutty cheese

If you like: Chablis Try: Godello Region: Valdeorras Food Pairings: Fatty fish, seafood, creamy cheese

If you like: Vinho Verde Try: Txakoli Region: Basque Country Food Pairings: Raw fish, salads, soft cheeses

If you like: Pinot Grigio Try: Airén Region: La Mancha Food Pairings: Simple seafood, lemon chicken

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