Guide to Port Wine Tasting in Porto

What is Port Wine?

Port is a fortified wine that's made in Douro Valley, Portugal. A grape spirit is added that stops fermentation.  This leaves a sweet, high alcohol wine.

Port Houses

Port has historically been aged in port houses by the coast near the city of Porto. The cooler climate is better for the wines than the hotter Douro Valley.

Kopke is the oldest port house, producing port since 1781. They offer a unique port wine tasting experience with chocolate pairings.

C.N. Kopke

This port house's wines are so good that they were chosen for Barack Obama's 2010 visit to Portugal. They make delicious olive oil too!

Quinta do Noval

This 5-story port house has a multimedia center, art exhibits, a restaurant, and even a gelateria. Don't miss the roof deck for stunning views.

Espaço Porto Cruz

Visit 300-year-old cellars at this famous port house. Taylor is known for their vintage ports and was the inventor of Late Bottled Vintage ports.

Taylor Fladgate

For a more personalized experience, visit this smaller port house for a tour and tasting. Churchill's makes a modern, drier style of port.


Visit the museum at this port house to learn about the young artist founder. And enjoy generous tasting pours of their delicious port wines.

Ramos Pinto

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