Wine & Cheese: Brie Wine Pairing Tips

Brie is a creamy, rich cheese that has a buttery texture. The flavors are mild and the rind gives it an earthy note.

Sparkling wines like Champagne are the best pairing. The bubbles refresh your taste buds between bites.

Sauvignon Blanc works well with its high acidity and citrus and herbal flavors. Try Sancerre from the Loire Valley.

Off-dry Riesling is perfect for Brie with sweeter toppings like jam and honey. And for savory styles go for dry Riesling.

Pinot Noir's high acidity, low tannins, and earthy flavors make it a great match for this creamy cheese.

Barbera is another excellent option with its fruit-forward flavors and high acidity. You'll find it from Piedmont, Italy.

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